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Created by people who have had enough of Patreon, Indigogo, and Kickstarter, and finally realized most comics don’t have much of a chance to be seen and heard – especially when there’s literally millions out there on the same stage. And In many cases, creators just don’t have enough funds to update timely and quickly. That’s a tall order to fill if you’re an artist with bills to pay, or you’re not an artist at all and pay others for the amazing work that gets done.

And that’s where Comicsperpage comes in. We place promising comics and webcomics here and give them a different kind of spotlight and a chance to not just be seen, but to be crowdfunded to help cover costs per page. When the donation goal for a certain comic is reached, another page can get done and out for the public eye.

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Offer the Spotlight

Too many webcomics and comics are out there and sitting unseen and incomplete. We invite them here to get a bit of the stage and spotlight they need to succeed.

Raise the Funds

Our job is to initiate, maintain and monitor the donations our recipients receive, and help them get to their proper monetary goals.

Pay the Creators

Every bit of the donations goes to the recipients. We don’t keep a dime of it. This is money they successfully funded through their fans. Why should we take any of that?

Making an impact

You're putting out a great vision!

You know what, you are doing us artists a tremendous service! What little help I have at Tapas and Patreon as a yearly total doesn’t even add up to a month of my comic’s finances! I’m so grateful for this opportunity!

“Catluckey” – The Watchmen

An excellent, new way to fund webcomics!

It’s made specifically for webcomics and is great for creators looking for an alternative to Patreon. Creating a webcomic is time consuming and requires a lot of dedication and these people gave me the opportunity to earn additional funds so I could put more love into my comic.

Brit Shephard – Evon