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Who We Are

We're actually writers...

Well, we’re a little more than writers. In the past 25 years or so together, we’re written or edited just about anything. From novels and short stories and screenplays, to technical manuals, how-to books, and marketing campaigns. It’s been quite an adventure and we could tell some amazing stories of people we’ve met, and things we’ve read and edited. in late 2015 however, we wanted to forge a new path, one we’ve always had a hidden love for since we were kids.

Comics. There was just something about them, always, from the moment we read entire collections as children, they’ve been special to us. And seeing the comic industry explode on the internet today as webcomics, we love them even more now.

In fact, we’ve created and written a few of our own.

But we found out just how challenging and competitive the market is for them. Literally millions of webcomics exist around the world, and a lot of them just don’t have the audience, for any number of reasons.

One reason for sure? Funding. Webcomics, and even comics too, suffer from the same thing: Not enough funding to keep comics updating smoothly. It takes a lot of time and effort, whether you’re a college student juggling busy schedules, or a stay-at-home mother juggling bills. So, we’re trying our best to alleviate the funding concerns, so that comics can stay updated and running smoothly, without worrying where money would come from, or how time could be used.

Our Approach

A source for comic creators to...

Secure funding, one page at a time, for their projects…

The idea is simple:

Comic creator Steve works part-time for living expenses. Bills were a bit more than he could handle one month and he needs $200, which will allow him to ease up briefly from his job to create the next comic page and still have money for extra bills.

Jessica has a webcomic and relies on Patreon or some other crowd-sourcing campaign to help her create pages, but funds are very limited. She needs a quick influx of $150 to get the next comic page out and to the public.

Pablo creates webcomics but doesn’t have the art skills for the illustrations. He relies on a dedicated artist to help him, for which he pays a certain amount per page. Lately, funds have been slow to secure, and he can’t pay his artist on time. He needs $100 to pay the artist and, in turn, get the comic updated.

Just a few examples of the type of problems creators are faced with.

Comicsperpage is the solution. Where people used to have to pledge monthly funds for a project, they can offer a one-time donation to help instead. Where other crowd-sourcing platforms would offer all kinds of rewards or promises, the reward comes from inside you – knowing that you helped in the creation of a comic you really love. That makes you the ultimate fan!

Step 1.

— Comic Creators Post Needs

Whether the situation calls for help to create another page, or emergency funds are sought.

Step 2.

— Funds are Collected Until Goal is Reached

Depending on the amount needed, goals could be reached quite quickly, or take some time. It’s up to the creator to let fans know. We will from time to time feature goals on the front page for added exposure.

Step 3.

— Creators Receive their Funding

All funds are sent through P-Three Consulting, a division of Scribes Unlimited, LLC, and then sent out by Paypal to the respective creator. We will not withhold any funds (apart from any Paypal fees) – something else we have over Patreon and other sources.